The Twin Cities Women’s Expo would like to welcome you to March 24th, 2018 spring expo!

EXHIBITOR REMINDER: Don’t forget to share your Personal Promotional Code for $5-off ticket prices that was emailed with your exhibitor kit email!  Send your promotion code in your newsletters, put it out on Social Media and forward to your friends and family.  Be sure to tag in Facebook @twincitieswomensexpo or Twitter @tcwomensexpo and use our hash tags: #TwinCitiesWomensExpo #TCWomensExpo  #BeThere  and  #EnrichEmpowerEnlighten to ensure we can do a shout out to you as well! Your success and ours depends on large numbers of attendees and we believe that excitement is generated when people start to see that so many great exhibitors like you will  be there.

To motivate you to get the word out, we are having a contest to see who can bring in the most attendees using coupon code.  Each code is personalized and we will be keeping track of their use.

The following prizes will beawarded:

First Prize – Valued at $1,220

  • Free Corner Booth at the fall expo ($895 value)
  • $150 Target Gift Card
  • Night on the town in October that includes 2 Tickets to SometimesThere’s Wine at the ParkSquare Theater in October ($75 value) PLUS a $100 gift card for Dinner at Kincaid’s next to theTheater to use before the show.

Second Prize – Valued at $675

  • $500 off a Booth at the fall expo
  • $50 Target GiftCard
  • 2 Tickets to “Sometimes There’s Wine at the Park Square Theater ($75 value) in Octoberplus a $50 gift card for dinner at Kincaid’s next to the Theater to use before the show.

Third Prize – Valued at $375

    • $275 off a booth at the fall expo
    • 2 Tickets to Sometimes There’s Wine at the Park Square Theater in October plus a $25 gift card for dinner at Kincaid’s next to the Theater to use before the show.

**Must have a minimum of 50 registrations using your code to be entered to win the contest. All exhibitors are eligible and personal coupon must be used to receive entry into the contest.

This on-line Exhibitor Kit provides answers to questions regarding move-in, set-up, and move out of the expo. Please take the time to read the documents to avoid being charged any unnecessary fees.

The downloadable documents at the bottom of the page include:

  • Loading area map
    NOTE:  The Convention Center does not have carts for your use for unloading.  You will need to bring your own carts.
  • Directions and parking instructions.
  • An informational sheet on ordering for booth additions/changes, purchase those upgrades through Hubbard/Tyner.
  • Don’t forget to order any additional items like electricity from the convention center. The time to get that ordered at the lower prices has been extended to end of day on Wednesday, March 14th! Online Ordering is now available at https://www.minneapolis.org/minneapolis-convention-center/exhibitors/order-services-online/.  or – you can use the Informational sheet for ordering electric, internet, or telephone service from the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce.  Orders can be placed at https://www.minneapolis.org/minneapolis-convention-center/exhibitors/. WiFi is available in the commons areas for free, but not in the ballroom. You can order WiFi on the day of the event for $19.95 for the day directly on your device.
  • FAQ’s for the Convention Center is located at  https://www.minneapolis.org/minneapolis-convention-center/exhibitors/faqs/
  • Media Kit.  This kit includes memes to use on your social media, banners to place on your website, logos to use in creating your own marketing, flyers, etc.   link these to www.twincitieswomensexpo.com
  • When marketing your appearance at this expo, We’re using hashtags   #TwinCitiesWomensExpo    #TCWomensExpo    #BeThere  and  #EnrichEmpowerEnlighten

The loading area for the Ballroom is located on 12th Street South.  There is a map to download on the Exhibitor Kit Page.  NOTE:  If you can hand carry items into the building, you can certainly come to the 2nd Ave South entrance.  Please be advised though that there is no parking on 2nd, so you would do this at your own risk.  The best option is 12th St South, especially if they have a lot to bring in.

Exhibitor Move-In: Friday, March 23, 2018, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Event Hours: Saturday, March 24, 2018, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Exhibitor Move Out: Saturday, March 24, AFTER 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm


FOOD and BEVERAGE. If EXHIBITOR product is a food or beverage, advance permission and planning is required by KSI. Venues have strict rules regarding the sale of food and beverages in its locations and any item deemed to be “consumable” will not be allowed. EXHIBITOR may offer samples in limited quantities, if approved, and must have the applicable licensing, insurance and health department licenses and take care to ensure the public is protected and provide such proof to KSI upon request.

EXHIBITOR WILL OCCUPY ITS BOOTH FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION OF THE SHOW. Any EXHIBITOR being observed tearing down or otherwise vacating its booth before the SHOW closes will be assessed a fine equal to 50% of its EXHIBIT fee or $500, whichever is greater.

If you have any questions concerning the Exhibitor Kit or its contents, please contact our office at 612.351.8181 or empower@twincitieswomensexpo.com

The entire TCWE expo staff looks forward to assisting you in having a successful show.

Best regards,
The Twin Cities Women’s Expo

Map Showing Loading Areas
Electrical Services Order
(Order through Convention Center)
Parking and Driving Instructions
Internet & Telephone Order
(Order through Convention Center)
Media Kit
(Click to download)
Exhibitor Service Kit
(Booth extras ordered through Hubble/Tyner)
Exhibitor Floor Map

Attendee FAQ's

Q:  What does a ticket to the March 24th, 2018, Twin Cities Women’s Expo get me?

A:  First, an opportunity to get to know woman-owned or woman-centric businesses and services in the Twin Cities/ Metro area.

Second, your experience will be streamlined so you get the most out of your time. By focusing on distinct areas for vendors and exhibitors you can zero in on the areas that mean the most to you, or, explore area by area as time allows.

Finally, a chance to connect with other women. We all know that even if our personal situations are individual, some experiences are universal. Enrich. Empower. Enlighten. The Twin Cities Women’s Expo.

Q: Can I come back the same day? 

A:  Yes, have your hand stamped at the door.

Q:  Can I gift my ticket to someone else, even if it has my name on it?

A;  Yes.

Q:  Do I have to print out my ticket before I get to the show?

A:  No, you don't have to have it printed.  It can be scanned from your smartphone.

Q:  Do you take credit and debit cards at the show's onsite box office?

A: Yes, we take credit and debit cards onsite.  However, if you purchase your ticket in advance or online, event at the event,  you pay a reduced ticket price.

Q:  Are dogs/pets allowed?

A:  Due to health and safety regulations, pets (including pets that fit in a carry bag) are not allowed at the expo, except for service dogs.

A:  No childcare services are offered.
A:  Yes, Contact the Mobility Shop toll-free at 888-404-5554 or www.themobilityshop.com - you can reserve your mobility equipment online prior to your arrival.

Q:  Can I bring a stroller?

A:  Yes, strollers are available at the show.

Q:  How do I get to the show?

     Click here to find out information on public transportation to the show.

Q:  Where is parking?

A:  Parking options are located all around the Minneapolis Convention Center ranging from $5.00-$15.00. The skyway system makes it easy for you to get from your car to the show.   Click for the interactive Parking Ramp Map With Pricing

The Twin Cities Women's Expo is Produced by We Spark Growth